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Write the Vision and Make It Plain

As we ease our way into a new year, many of us are looking to the coming season to bring with it opportunities to accomplish what we couldn't the year before. Traditionally we set "New Year's resolutions" that we quickly forget and by the end of the year, still in need of the same changes that we didn't see through, we make the same resolutions all over again. Let's change that this year!

While reflecting and preparing myself for the new year, I realized that what I was lacking in previous resolutions was planning and reinforcement. Whether in school, at work or at home, I've noticed that I am far more successful when I have structure and stay organized. It helps me to have a plan for my day. Even if I have to deviate from it just a tad, it helps to see things laid out and keep what's important at top of mind. Why not do the same when working towards resolutions? In the Bible, Habakkuk 2:2 says "write the vision and make it plain". Lets set up a plan for how to do just that.


Set Your Intention

Start your year off with intentionality. Think of a word that will help you to achieve your goals and really make that your theme for the year. I would choose a word that represents a behavioral focus or trait that I want to work on, but it could be anything that's meaningful to you. It could be something like: Focus, Prioritize, Discipline, Creativity, Bigger, Smaller, Peace etc... Get online and explore ways to improve in that area and remind yourself of your intention daily by posting your theme word somewhere where you can view it daily. This can also be done in place of traditional resolutions for those who find the whole idea to be daunting.

Set & Manage Your Priorities

As you think about the changes that you'd like to make in the new year, list out your top 5 priorities. If your resolution goals are not already on your list of priorities, add them then review the list and shift what's necessary so that you can keep them within your top 5. The higher they are on the list, the more likely they are to get done!


Plan Ahead

When we go on about our days aimlessly we waste a lot of valuable time, run the risk of forgetting something important and end up feeling frustrated or defeated because of what we didn't accomplish. Why not develop a habit that can help you avoid those pitfalls? Planning your days in advance helps to ensure that you schedule time to get things done. I suggest finding some sort of planner. Most smart phones have built in calendars that allow you to input daily plans and set reminders. This option is very convenient and no additional cost. If you are looking for something more niche with additional features there are app based planners that you can download to your phone or tablet as well, but these may require a nominal fee for the additional features. If you're old-school like I am and like to physically write things down, invest in a daily or weekly planner. You can find affordable ones on Amazon or in your local discount goods stores.


Reinforce It

Have you heard the phrase "out of sight, out of mind"? Well, same deal with resolutions. As determined as you may be to make your desired change, if you're not regularly reminded of it, you may loose sight of it. Being able to physically see a representation of your goals really helps to bring them to life and keep you motivated!

As you decide on your resolutions find ways to make them visually available to you daily. Depending on what your resolution may be, Here are some things that you can try:

  • Create a continuum - This may be a good idea for someone who wants to learn a new skill or starting up a business. You would create a simple line chart, adding the end goal at the end and plotting checkpoints or smaller goals along the way that lead up to it

  • Create a vision board - This is a collage of images that are representative of your goals and visions for the year. This is something fun and creative that I've done in the past and I was reminded of the idea by a good friend of mine and fellow blogger Nesee Renee's blog (check it out!) where she discusses the benefits of having a vision board. If you aren't too crafty or don't have access to supplies for creating a more traditional vision board, you can create one digitally using a graphic design site like Canva to then be saved as wallpaper on your devices.

  • Recruit an Accountability Partner - This would be a good idea for someone with fitness and/or nutritional goals. It's harder to give up when you have someone working with you and holding you accountable. Make sure you pick someone that you know will be up for the challenge and is committed to helping you succeed.

  • Post Up Your List of Priorities - As mentioned earlier, create a list of your top priorities including your New Years resolution(s) then place it somewhere that you'd be able to see it on a daily basis. You could post it to the back of your bedroom door or on your refrigerator door. You can laminate it and post it up on your bathroom mirror. If you'd like to keep it cute and classy, you can type it up in a nice font, print it and frame it to be placed somewhere prominent.

As always, I hope that this information will be helpful. Please comment down below with your own tips on how to stick to resolutions. Have a safe and Happy NewYear!! Until next time!

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