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Support Small Businesses

One of the greatest changes that we can make as people is to do more to help others. I truly believe that it's one of the best and most fulfilling things that any of us can do. There are thousands of ways that we as individuals can offer support to those around us, be it great or small, and one way that I would like to help is by showing support to small businesses.

I have added a page titled "Support Small Businesses" to my menu and I will occasionally highlight small, growing businesses that I personally love and support. If their products sound interesting to you then please check them out, show them some love by making a purchase and if you like what you get, don't forget to come back and spread the word!

The first business that I'd like to highlight is Shi's Soothing Scents. They are a Texas based budding candle company that makes heavenly scented creations. Their candles and wax melts are homemade, hand-poured soy based and they have a solid variety of unique scents to choose from so there is sure to be something for everyone! Also, this is a woman owned business! I love to see ladies out there making things happen!

Stop by and check out Shi's Soothing Scents today! Now through 2/12/2021 you can save 10% on any order of $25 or more with the code WELCOME10...You're welcome :)

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