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Make Joy a Priority

Want to enjoy life a bit more?

That was a silly question. I mean, who doesn’t? The days feel a lot less fulfilling when you’re always doing what you HAVE to do and not making any time for what you WANT to do. Whatever may be going on in life, we can create more joy in our days when we commit to making it a priority. It’s important to our overall wellbeing to regularly do things that feed our souls and make us smile. Let’s jump into a few ways that you can start adding more joy to your life today.

#1 Reset Your Priorities

By definition a priority is something that takes precedence. It merits attention and is of high importance. Just like we prioritize work and caring for our families, which are both very important, making time to do things that brighten up our days are equally important. Take some time to think about the things that are currently at the top of your list of priorities and decide what, if anything needs to be moved down so that you can add some joy into each day. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t always take a lot of time to do something that will put a smile on your face. It just takes intentionality.

#2 Set Reminders

Two of the reasons most people give for not being able to have more fun in life are, “I’m too busy” or “I forget to make time”. I’ve used these excuses many times myself. While there is much truth behind those statements, where there’s a will, there’s a way. One thing that has helped me to be more intentional in scheduling time for the things that I enjoy is to set calendar reminders on my phone. I occasionally set reminders to check in and catch up with family and friends or to pray. I schedule reminders to do facials and my nails. Whatever you’ve been wanting to do but struggle to find the time, try setting a reminder. Needing a reminder doesn't diminish the importance of these events, it just means that in this busy world we need a little carving out time for the people and things that we care about. You may have to wake up a little bit earlier or stay up a tad later to make it happen, but when you sacrifice to do something you love, it will always be worth it.

#3 Don’t Over Extend Yourself (If you can help it)

You can’t be everywhere all the time and you can’t please everyone. If this is your struggle, please stop holding yourself to this ridiculous and unattainable standard. This is something that I too have struggled with for years, but I promise you that once I started learning how to say no, and ask for help, I felt A LOT better. I'm not suggesting that you be selfish. It's wonderful to be considerate and think of others before yourself, but you also need to pay attention to how you feel. You need to remember to check in on yourself physically and mentally and if necessary prioritize YOU. Taking care of yourself is sure to add joy to your life and it helps you to recharge so that you can be fully present when you do spend time with others.

I hope these quick tips will be helpful. The bottom line is that none of us are too busy to have more joyful lives, it's just a matter of priority and intention. Decide how important it is to you start working towards it today. Until next time!

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